Avalanche warning service Osttirol

Avalanche Bulletin - 01.12.2023

At elevated altitudes a sometimes precarious avalanche situation will prevail.

High altitudes and the high Alpine regions: Over a wide area 30 to 50 cm of snow, and even more in some localities, will fall until the early morning. As a consequence of a sometimes strong wind from variable directions, brittle wind slabs will form in all aspects. The old snowpack is largely stable and its surface has a crust, in particular on steep sunny slopes. Snow depths vary greatly above the tree line, depending on the infuence of the wind.

Intermediate altitudes: The old snowpack is wet.
Very large quantity of fresh snow as well as the sometimes large wind slabs formed during the snowfall can be released easily, or, in isolated cases naturally in all aspects above the tree line. Avalanche prone locations are to be found in gullies and bowls, and behind abrupt changes in the terrain. They are currently prevalent immediately adjacent to the pistes as well. The fresh wind slabs are covered with new snow in some cases and therefore difficult to recognise. Avalanches can be triggered in the new snow and wind slab layers and reach quite a large size. In addition some small to medium-sized loose snow avalanches are to be expected.
A certain danger of gliding avalanches exists, in particular on steep grassy slopes.

Backcountry touring and other off-piste activities call for extensive experience in the assessment of avalanche danger and restraint.


A critical avalanche situation will prevail. Restraint is advisable on this first sunny day.

Before you leave the pistes, it is absolutely mandatory to thoroughly study the information PDF containing the report on the current avalanche warnings. The avalanche warning provides extensive information on the current snow situation, current avalanche risk and detailed information on other danger zones that free riders and ski tourers must know about.

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