Avalanche Bulletin - 30.11.2021

Weak layers in the old snowpack necessitate caution. Wind slabs are to be evaluated critically.

Some snow will fall until the early morning in particular in the north and in the northeast.
Faceted weak layers exist in the centre of the snowpack, in particular on shady slopes above the tree line, as well as on steep sunny slopes at elevated altitudes. The sometimes storm force wind will transport the new snow and, in some cases, old snow as well. The cold fresh snow and the wind slabs are bonding poorly with the old snowpack.
Weak layers in the old snowpack can be released easily. Such avalanche prone locations are to be found in particular on shady slopes above the tree line. At elevated altitudes the avalanche prone locations are to be found in all aspects. The brittle wind slabs are prone to triggering in all aspects above the tree line. Whumpfing sounds and the formation of shooting cracks when stepping on the snowpack serve as an alarm indicating the danger. Mostly avalanches are medium-sized.
Gliding avalanches can also occur.
Experience in the assessment of avalanche danger is required.


Some snow will fall in some regions. As a consequence of falling temperatures and the occasionally strong westerly wind, the snowpack can not consolidate.

Before you leave the pistes, it is absolutely mandatory to thoroughly study the information PDF containing the report on the current avalanche warnings. The avalanche warning provides extensive information on the current snow situation, current avalanche risk and detailed information on other danger zones that free riders and ski tourers must know about.

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