Weißer Knoten 2.878 m

The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
960 m
highest point
2884 m
walking time uphill
3 h
8.2 km
altitude meters downhill
960 m
starting point:
Parkplatz Glocknerwinkel
destination point:
Weißer Knoten
best season:


Car park
Parking area Glocknerwinkel

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

4°C/39°F °C


Via the toll road to the Glocknerwinkel car park at the Lucknerhaus (1,920 metres). Across a path on the right side and through a short piece of forestland, past the Schliederleralm (1,950 metres) to a dirt road. Now follow this dirt road to a small wooden hut at approx. 2,200 metres. Up the joining wide southern slope to the north-east and on through a small valley cut. Then across slightly hilly terrain to about 2,450 metres above sea level. Now northwards across moderately steep slopes, below the tour destination, up to the Medelsattel (2,676 metres). From there across the SW ridge to the summit cross of the Weisser Knoten. In good conditions, this summit ridge can be walked on skis using the kick turn technique. In unfavourable conditions, however, the summit ridge is quite difficult to climb and requires ultimate sure-footedness! In this case, an ascent (in safe conditions!) across the southern flank of the summit is to be preferred.

Possible descents:

First drive a short stretch from the summit on the east side. Then you turn right into the up to 35 ° steep southern flank. Then back to the starting point, following more or less the ascent trail. Note: if the south flank is not passable, ski back to the Medelsattel across the summit ridge!


A popular and rewarding ski tour that also provides many beautiful impressions of the landscape. From the Medelsattel on, you will be able to enjoy a particularly beautiful view of the Grossglockner. However, this tour should only be undertaken in favourable and safe conditions. Because the summit ridge can be very difficult to climb in unfavourable conditions and the southern flank can only be climbed / skied on in extremely safe conditions! Therefore, this tour is only suitable for rather experienced ski tourers.


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