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altitude meters uphill
1300 m
highest point
2495 m
walking time uphill
4 h
4.36 km
starting point:
Thurn / Brücke Zauchenbach
destination point:
best season:

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Current weather conditions

4°C/39°F °C


The Schober group with the Schleinitz, and its small, just before it and somewhat secondary mountain, the Rotgebele, finishes to the north of Lienz. Whereas the route to the Rotgebele is only recommended when there is plenty of snow, the Schleinitz can be scaled comfortably from the high ski area, where, using the ski lift we can shorten the route. Starting point for our tour to the Rotgebele is the town of Thurn, to the north of Lienz. We use Zettersfeldstraße into Helenental until we get to an impressive right-hand bend which has a bridge (Zauchenbach). Good parking options there (1200 m). There is a forest trail here which provides an ascent route. We follow this and after some 30 minutes come to a junction. Signposts lead us via the forest trail continuing to the Wahler and Mittauer Alm. Just before this junction we get to a barrier. Around 70 metres after this the ski track bears really steeply into the forest and follows the summer trail up the mountain to Wahler Alm (1684 m). This junction is significant is you want to avoid the monotonous forest trail! As soon as you get to the first Alpine inns, the track swings via glades and pastures, continuing to Mittauer Alm (1930 m). This traditional Alpine lodge provides a superb view to the Lienz valley floor and invites you to enjoy a rest. 200 metres altitude above Mittauer Hütte is the little Schleinitzhüttl, which we can make out from our rest point and which is accessible in a few hairpin bends. It is widely regarded as a ski tour destination in its own right. From this idyllically located lodge, the track proceeds via troughs and gullies to the Rotgebele. At around 2400 m we scale a slight ridge to the west heading for the summit ridge, which is wide and poses no dangers up to the highest point. The final few metres altitude up to the simple cross may be tackled on foot. Descent along the ascent track and if possible via the fields into the town.

Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here:


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