Rote Wand 2.818m

The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
801 m
highest point
2818 m
walking time uphill
3 h
6 km
starting point:
Staller Sattel
destination point:
Rote Wand (2.818 m)
best season:


Bus stop
St. Jakob i. D. Staller Sattel
Car park
Car park Oberseehütte

hut/alpine hut

altitude profile

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The Rote Wand is one of the popular, much undertaken ski tours in the Staller Sattel area and via its wide trough terrain is not difficult to scale via the lovely Ackstaller Tal. Only the north-east oriented final slope to the summit ridge is somewhat steeper and requires knowledge of how conduct yourself safely in the event of avalanche. Starting point is Staller Sattel. Even though the crossing is closed to traffic in the winter, the ascent area is cleared which means that there are wonderful tour options. Unfortunately the area is prone to be windy which means that good snow quality cannot always be expected. From the car park at the end of the road we follow the slope in a westerly direction to the border crossing area (2050 m). We now make our way via ski-friendly terrain to the south in the bendy Ackstaller Tal. Flat trough system to the Rote Wand. Via a wide trough we now keep to the south ridge which we access via a short steep slope to the left of the summit (NO, 30°). It is just a short walk, depending on the conditions, with or without skis, up to the highest point (2 ½ - 3 hours from the saddle). Descent along the ascent track or via the steep, north-facing, exposed slopes to the Montalalmen (< 30°) and continuing to the South Tirol section of the road to the Staller Sattel. For this descent knowledge of how conduct yourself safely in the event of avalanche is absolutely required. After donning ski skins again, we proceed along the road back to the starting point.Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here:


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