Mullitz Kopf 2.736m

The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
1069 m
highest point
2736 m
walking time uphill
3 h
4.1 km
starting point:
St. Veit i. Def./Oberholz (1.660 m)
destination point:
Mullitz Kopf (2.736 m)
best season:


Bus stop
St. Veit i. D. Kirche
Car park
Car park St. Veit

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

0°C/32°F °C


The Mullitz Kopf, in many maps also called the Gritzer Riegel, is like an easterly neighbour of the Speikboden (ski tours in East Tirol, volume 2), and is among the rarely visited ski tour destinations in the region. This is actually incomprehensible, since there is sun from early in the morning to late on and in the spring there is for the most part fantastic firn snow conditions. Nearby is the idyllically located mountain village of St. Veit (1495 m) which is worth a ‘trip’ in itself. Although safe avalanche conditions are required for a climb on skis. The ascent to the summit is steep and requires solid technique when it comes to dealing with hairpin bends. Starting point is St. Veit in Defereggental (1495m). We follow the narrow mountain path through ‘Reimmichlgemeinde’ until it comes to an end in Oberholz (yellow route signposts). Car parking available at the start of the toboggan run (1660 m), depending on the conditions up to Gritzer Alm, and at times even up to the Speikbodenhütte (2076 m) is prepared. We keep heading along the forest road to Speikbodenhütte, before we leave this, shortening the route by taking the summer trail, and head in to the established forest. After an hour we come to a pretty inn and the terrain opens up. From here the ski track swings to the north in the steep fosse which can be seen from quite a distance, whose ascent involves heading into the flat trough system near the summit. This is among the key sections in terms of technical avalanche conditions and requires good technique when it comes to hairpin bends (south, > 30°). After the steep slope the terrain flattens out and we keep heading through lovely trough terrain in a left-hand bend heading north west to the wide summit formation of the Mullitz Kopf. We scale this via a steep, grassy southern ridge, which leads to a wide slope terrace beneath the ridge between the Mullitz Kopf and the Speikboden. The direct summit flank is steeper than it looks and is not recommended for the ascent. Via the steep ridge (south 35°) we now climb, depending on the snow conditions and ability levels, with or without skis, up to the highest point (2 ½ - 3 hours from the car park). Descent along the ascent track, or, if conditions permit, via the direct summit flank (south, >35°) to the slope terrace below.

Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here:


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