Böses Weibl 3.119m

The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
1217 m
highest point
3121 m
walking time uphill
4 h
6.5 km
altitude meters downhill
30 m
starting point:
Kals / Lucknerhaus
destination point:
Böses Weibl


Bus stop
Kals a. G. Lucknerhaus
Car park
Parking area Glocknerwinkel

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions


The Kalser Böse Weibl is probably among the most popular for ski tours, which are started from Lucknerhaus, without having to make your way straight up to glaciated altitude areas. The descent into the Lesachtal which is a part of this stands out due to the superb ambience and ought to feature in many a ski tour wish list. The starting point is, as already mentioned, Lucknerhaus (1920 m, big car park). 200 metres before the guesthouse, route signposts explain the ascent to Peischlach Törl/Böses Weibele and to Glorer Hütte. Our ski track proceeds via a cart route up to Niggl Alm. Sometimes skis have to be carried here in the spring. There follows appealing switchback terrain via a forest ridge, before we head, via a steep, narrow fosse, looking for the most favourable route, to Peischlachtörl. Please note: so not cross the slopes which are too elevated. This section is a key area in terms of technical avalanche conditions and should only be tackled when conditions are safe. Via the now flatter fosse, we bear south, until we pass the remainder of the Peischlachkees. Ascent option to the east to Gernot-Röhr Biwak (2926 m) on the Kesselkeessattel. The ski track now continues south to the Tschadinsattel (2987 m, descent to Lesachtal). We tackle the summit from the rear via a brief trough, which finishes in a small wind gap on the ridge. From there it is just a few minutes’ walk to the highest point.

Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here: http://www.grafikzloebl.at/verlag/buecher/


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