Excitement in the starry forest with owl "Elfi"

It's late afternoon. "Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo," sounds from Elfi the owl's beak. "Such a hot day," she hums quietly to herself, turning her head round and round. She lives in the starry forest and loves the peace and quiet and the beautiful starry sky that she marvels at from here every night. But suddenly - what's going on? There's a strange smell in the air, followed by children's voices. Elfi rises from her old treetop and discovers children standing anxiously in front of a small fire. It flashes through Elfi's mind: water is running out of the rock. She plucks up courage, flies to the children, grabs the handle of one of the children's buckets and tries to fill it up with water. Not so easy. But little Lina has been watching Elfi closely and has already come to the rescue. "Clever child," whispers Elfi. Lina pours the water over the flames and soon the other children are helping too.


After a few minutes, all that remains of the small fire is a pile of charred grass. Now it is Lina who plucks up courage and goes to Elfi. "Thank you, owl! You saved us from the fire. As a thank you, I'll give you my favourite pink bag," says Lina and hangs the bag around her neck. "You'll find my address in the bag. Why don't you send me a postcard from the starry forest? I'll never forget you," adds the girl, who is currently on holiday with her family in Tirol.


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