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Thurntaler 2407 metres

The flight area in Sillian enjoys a long tradition. The paragliding championships even took place here in 1986 and 1987. High above Pustertal flying is direct at the southern edge of the main Alpine ridge, but in an area somewhat affected by the upper winds. However numerous starting areas provide take- off areas and directions for a wide variety of flights. The Thurntaler is also a station on the long route for flight route sections in Drautal and Pustertal, from east to west and the other way round.

Altitude difference: 1300 metres

Take-off areas:

1. Alpeggele: (around 2100 metres), north-east-south-east /south /south-west /west; light-moderate, only GS main take-off area, from the mountain station to the left (west) go up to the take-off area to the area above marked out with wind flags; around 15 minutes. Or by car via the mountain road from Außervillgraten to Thurntaler Rast and around 1/2 hour to the west, following the alpine trail.

2. Summit: (2400 metres), west-south-west-south and east-north, light-moderate, take-off area only suitable for the winter months (when the cable car operates) and directly accessible by the Gadein chairlift.

3. Stalpen: (1610 metres), east/south-east /south, light, take-off area for GS and D. Access: road from Sillian near the church, up to area where it ends (large car-park). The D-take-off area is situated to the north-west of the car park (little wind flag); to get to the GS take-off area you have to go back from the car park to the farm above the road and behind the farm, along the forest to the take-off area. Do not unfurl the glider outside the barriered area.

4. Petersberg: South-east, light, GS only, accessible via Sillianbergstrasse to Schlittenhaus; please note that car parking options are limited, obtain approval from the Blue Sky flight school.

Landing areas:

1. Sillian: (1100 metres), large meadow to the south of the main road opposite Thurntaler valley station, with car parking.

2. Panzendorf: (1080 metres), landing area between Heinfels and Tassenbach. The landing area is at the club house for DFC Sillian, to the east and in front of the Loacker complex next to the B 100. From the valley station through Panzendorf.


The Thurntaler is a flight terrain which has partly high alpines conditions and is therefore only suitable for paragliders on days when there are not any overriding wind conditions. On days with patchy rain and a tendency for storms a lower take-off area is suitable, mostly in the mornings. Good thermals are available from late morning in the rocky gully areas around the summit ridge, this is throughout the year thanks to the broad southern flanks. When there is more wind in the valley you can start from the lower take-off areas, like the Stalpen.

Route options:

Predominantly east-west along Pustertal is the easiest. Can be crossed to the south in the Dolomites and on the main Carnic ridge. To the north there is the option of a lovely triangular route at the main alpine ridge and back (via Defereggental or Hochstein).


The summit area is high alpine in nature and so when there is no snow in the summer it is not for beginners. Be mindful of the north winds. This is a slog and you are mixed up with considerable lee thermals here! Be mindful of the north föhn wind and exposure to storms.


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