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Emberger Alm 1800 metres

This superb viewing balcony is located above the eastern Drautal near Berg and Greifenburg. The slopes of the southern Kreuzeck group are heavily used for flights between May and September by route ‘hunter’s and pleasure-flyers.

Altitude difference: 1130 metres - 1250 metres 

Arrival & Ascent:

On the B100 to Berg / Greifenburg. From there via the recently laid asphalt road – toll-free – or by call-and-collect taxi from the landing area at Berg or Greifenburg to the take-off area.

Take-off areas:

1: (1740 metres), SW, moderate, main take-off area for GS and D, wide meadow take-off area out of a large forest aisle. Access by car or by call-and-collect taxi to Emberger Alm.

2: (1860 metres), SE, easy, inclined meadow take-off area, 1/4 hour on foot up to take-off area 1 or by call-and-collect taxi. Somewhat flat for older paragliders; not when there is a tail-wind or west wind (rotors)! Please note: on no account should other take-off areas be used. 

Landing areas:

1. Greifenburg: (610 metres), landing area next to the ‘Oberes Drautal’ flying camp near the swimming lake. Be mindful of the high-voltage power lines!

2. Berg: (630 metres), landing area next to Gasthof Altenmarkter, to the north of the B 100, near the access road from the train station. Bordered in the east by a line of trees and the road. 


From late morning – depending on the time of year – great conditions. Mostly optimal climb outside the forest edge (if there is a westerly wind, take care not to drift off into Gnoppnitztal!). On the eastern side of Emberger Alm there is a wildlife protection area; do not fly into this area. Be mindful of extremely strong, typical alpine southerly ‘lee thermals’ in spring! 

Route options:

Follow the Drautal via the entire southern fall of the Kreuzeck group, to the W, mainly to the Anna-Schutzhaus and back (valley wind!). Fly to the east, generally to Radelberger Alm and back (relatively easy). 


SE take-off area, flat relief with turbulence. On unstable days this is a storm-exposed flight area with considerable thermals. Take care in the strong north-facing position and westerly wind, since lee rotors may occur. In eastern locations, the valley wind often reaches the take-off area. Very turbulent thermals. Those new to flying and occasional pilots should never take to the air here without specialist supervision in spring and in summer!


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