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National Park Ranger tours in summer

Through the Hohe Tauern National Park with a ranger

The Hohe Tauern National Park in Tyrol with its natural qualities is regarded a real insider tip - unspoilt, pristine and authentic. Guided hikes with National Park rangers offer numerous opportunities to forget the everyday hassle and regain strength and the zest for life. The rangers will spy out the BIG FIVE, tell exciting stories about small and large alpine dwellers and guide you to the most beautiful places and photo motifs of the alpine National Park.The fantastic world of the National Park in East Tyrol is waiting to be explored. Get your backpack ready, lace your hiking boots and off you go to Hohe Tauern National Park!

Download the programme

The entire winter programme and a preview of the summer programme in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Tyrol can be downloaded here (PDF, 4 MB).

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(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger
(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger

Summer highlights - An excerpt from the programme

Nature Watch - Big Five wildlife watching safari

Nature Watch Tour – tracking the Hohe Tauern’s Big Five in their habitat. The Ranger can spot golden eagles, ibexes, chamois, bearded vultures and marmots in a flash. Scopes and binoculars are ready at hand for a close-up observation of the alpine dwellers or to take a photo through the spotting scopes. Witness the shy marmot’s curious glance or the mighty bearded vulture soaring through the sky. The rangers bring along scopes and binoculars for you on the Nature Watch Tours. The Swarovski optics facilitates your closest, most spectacular natural wildlife experience.  

Dates summer 2019:
Every Monday and Friday: 1. July till 13. September
Meeting point: 08.30, Glocknerwinkel at the Lucknerhaus/Kals
End: ca. 12.30 Uhr

Dates autum 2019:
Meeting point: 09.00 Uhr, Glocknerwinkel at the Lucknerhaus/Kals
End: ca. 13.00
Rates: € 17,00/adult; € 11,00/kid 6-14 years; Elevation uphill: ca. 350 m; Kilometre: ca. 5,2 km; Difficulty: easy (also for families)

For administrative reasons registering is required!

(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger
(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger

Into eternal ice - icy giant in the hot season

On a challenging day tour along the Gletscherlehrweg (glacier info trail), the glaciated summits of the Venediger mountain group reveal their full splendour. Walk past Salzbodensee and the AugeGottes (Eye of God), all covered with cottongrass, until you reach the impressive polished glacial rocks of the Schlatenkees glacier.

Dates 2019:
Every Thursday: 4. July till 12. September
Meeting point: 08.30, Matreier Tauernhaus
End: ca. 16.00
Rates: € 25,00/adult; Elevation uphill: ca. 800 m; Kilometre: ca. 15 km; Difficulty: very difficult 

For administrative reasons registering is required!

(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger
(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger

Glacier trail Innergschlöss/Schlatenkees

Route start: Venedigerhaus Innergschlöss

Route end: Schlatenkees

Meter up:
Route length:

Jagdhausalm - Klein Tibet der Alpen

Your National Park ranger guides you from the far end of the Defereggental Valley, through the Oberhaus Arolla Pine woods, past alpine pastures and ancient stone walls, until you reach the small Tibetan mountain village. Austria’s oldest alpine pastures - the 19 stone houses and the quaint Maria-Hilf chapel are among the most popular photo motifs in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Tip: a short detour to Pfauenauge Pond.  

Dates 2019:
Every Tuesday: 2. July–13. September
Meeting point: 8:30, St. Jakob
End: ca. 15:30
Rates: € 17,00/adult; € 11,00/kid 6-14 Jahre; elevation uphill: ca. 250; Kilometre: ca. 13 km; Difficult: easy (also for families)

For administrative reasons registering is required!

(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger
(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger

Jagdhausalm 2009 m

Route start: Patsch

Route end: Jagdhausalm

Meter up:
Route length:

Cool National Park Sleuths

Cool adventure programmes for young National Park explorers. Great outings to mysterious places promise fun, games and excitement. National Park sleuths can look forward to: insect searches, lantern walks, bat nights, goat milking, crafting with hay and stones, barefoot walks, glacier peeling, churning butter, looking for marmots, birdwatching walks, bees, photo safaris, geo-coaching, and much more. 

Dates 2019:

Every Tuesday & Wednesday: Lienzer Talboden (09. July - 28. August)
Every Tuesday & Wednesday: Matrei & Virgental (09. July - 28. August) 
Every Thursday: Valley Defereggental or Kals (11. - 29. July) alternately weekly
Rates: € 8,- / kid (plus costs for material/transfer)

For administrative reasons registering is required!

(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger
(c) NP Hohe Tauern / Martin Lugger


Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
Nationalparkhaus Matrei
Kirchplatz 2, 9971 Matrei i.O.
Tel.: +43 4875 516 110

Information & guide booking:
monday - thursday: 08:00 - 12:00; 13:00 - 17:00
frieday: 08:00 - 12:00


Winter offers with Ranger:
December - March (and on request)

Sommer offers with Ranger:
May - Septembre (and on request)


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