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Cuisine in East Tyrol

What does East Tyrol actually taste like? How do things actually taste in East Tyrol? These questions undoubtedly go together, since a region like East Tyrol, which attracts visitors from near and far due to its authenticity, unspoilt natural landscapes and variety of sports and cultural activities, just cannot taste like any other region. East Tyrol is different – more original, more delicious. The cuisine in the region is far from just traditional. East Tyrol’s own culinary roots are creatively dealt with, which is why things taste like they do here – very special. 

The range is impressive. Considering the question of how East Tyrol really tastes, you might for instance think of a traditional, hearty snack. ‘Finger food’ East Tyrol style. What about a good slice of bacon, a ‘Hauswürstel’ and some characteristic, dark East Tyrolean farmhouse bread? Anyone spending several days in East Tyrol shouldn’t miss out on ‘Schlipfkrapfen’ - often enjoyed at lunch-time in East Tyrol. Followed by a good shot of schnapps, first and foremost a ‘Pregler’ –your culinary enjoyment is perfect and very well-rounded. The fantastic thing about East Tyrol, from snacks through to a ‘Hauben’-awarded inn, you’ll find almost everything here. 

All these culinary specialities and features are united in the fact that they feature produce which is of the highest quality and which for the most part is from local agricultural produce too. So you see, East Tyrol has much more than ‘just’ mountains to offer. It is not just the highest summits which line up one after another here, the best chefs have clearly found a home here in East Tyrol. 12 restaurants awarded by Gault Millau are located in East Tyrol. Together they have a whopping 16 Hauben – proof of the quality of the regional cuisine, which you just have to sample during a stay in East Tyrol. 


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