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Ski tours in the Lienz Dolomites

Auerling 2045 m

In the past few years ‘walking with climbing skins’ away from the pistes has become ever more significant. More and more ‘ski tourists’ who are in search for relaxation are heading into the mountains. The ski tour to the ‘Auerling’ is ideal for getting to know this subject matter. Tour skis can be taken out for their first outing in open terrain beneath the northern precipices of the Laserzwand. After a speedy descent there are more prepared forest aisle for snow tourers back to Kreithof. A certain amount of fitness is required for this, since from the car park to the forested domed peak there is indeed some 1000 metres to tackle. By way of an encore half way through the route, the traditional Dolomitenhütte tempts you to enjoy a refreshment stop and provides indulgence with some delicious local foods.

Possibility to stop off: Dolomitenhütte, 1.620 m, Gasthof Kreithof, 1050 m
conditions: ★★☆☆☆                
experience: ★★★★★             
level of difficulty: ★★☆☆☆    



Route start: Tristach / Kreithof

Route end: Auerlingköpfl

Meter up:

Hochstein über Russenweg

The Hochstein is one of the local mountains in Lienz and in winter is an exceptionally popular tour destination for ambitious piste users, ski tour beginners and racing skiers. After 1350 metres altitude ascent along the steep ski piste ‘H 2000’, and through the darkness of the forest and the romantic Russenweg, Hochsteinhütte, refurbished in 2009, characterises the wide ridge summit and tempts you to stay for a while. Evening “work-out tours’ to the Alpenvereinshütte using the light from your head torch, coupled with the view of Lienz at night-time are legendary and have enjoyed increasing popularity.

Possibility to stop off: Hochsteinhütte 2023 m, Sternalm 1505m, Gasthaus Vendigerwarte 1014 m,  Familienhotel Moosalm 1000 m
conditions: ★★★☆☆
experience: ★★★★☆
level of difficulty: ★★☆☆☆



Route start: Lienz / Hochsteinbahnen

Route end: Hochstein (2.025 m)

Meter up:

Strasskopf 2401 m

The Strassboden, which mostly goes by the name of Strasskopf, is a popular ski tour to the eastern foothills of the Schober group. The summits which provide plenty of views are dominated by the Winklerner and Roaner Alm and with its gentle hills slopes provide the perfect destination for beginners and newcomers alike. At the halfway point is Winklerner Hütte run by the ÖAV (1843 m). It is open at the weekend for business. A refreshment stop during the descent makes for any possible exertions.

Possibility to stop off: Winklerner Alm 1834 m, Gasthof Schöne Aussicht 1209 m, Roaner Alm 1903 m
conditions: ★★★☆☆
experience: ★★★★☆          
level of difficulty: ★★☆☆☆


Route start: Iselsberg / Penzelberg

Route end: Strasskopf

Meter up:

Karlsbaderhütte - Ödkarscharte

The ski tour starts at inn "Gasthof Kreithof" (1050 m – fee for parking) and gets to hut "Dolomitenhütte" (1616 m), at the entrance to the Laserz, via the ski run which accompanies the toboggan run. Around 1 hour from Kreithof.
From the really exposed Alpine lodge we follow the forest trail to Instein Alm. In the left bend which follows, we leave the track for the goods road and take a shortcut through a flat fosse. This avoids the first section of the summer trail, which is not rewarding terrain for ski touring. As a result, it is recommended that you continue to make use of the shortcuts heading for Marcherstein.
Here hut "Karlsbader Hütte" becomes visible for the first time. Via lovely pastureland the track swings to the bothy which has been extensively expanded in the last few years. 3 hours at this point from Kreithof. In the event of critical avalanche situation the tour should be terminated here and the steep corries avoided.
With favourable conditions several options open up for ski tourers to exert themselves. The route which continues to Ödkarscharte is singled out here as a popular variant. Between the Seekofel rocky bastion and the daring Teplitzerspitze this Hochkar breaks through the rugged rocky landscape of the Lienzer Dolomites. The steep final slope into the wind gap requires good technique with regard to tackling hairpin bends and the ability to make an informed decision with regard to avalanches. Descent proceeds along the ascent track.

Possibility to stop off: Dolomitenhütte 1620 m, Gasthof Kreithof 1050 m
conditions: ★★★★☆
experience: ★★★★☆
level of difficulty: ★★★☆☆


Karlsbaderhütte - Ödkarscharte

Route start: Tristach / Kreithof

Route end: Ödkarscharte

Meter up:
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