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Since it is not just yesterday that there has been a settlement in this area is apparent and more than understandable given the location. Just how far back this goes, is shown in Breitegg, since finds of late Neolithic earthenware shards were able to date the first settlements to precisely this era. In addition to Kirchbichl in Lavant, Breitegg is the only site where there has been finds from this time in the entire district of Lienz.

In Medieval days this area was then part of the Slavic principality of Karantanien and the County of Gorizia. In 1501 it was incorporated into the County of Tyrol. Nussdorf-Debant is not just very interesting historically. The town prospered after the Second World War, in particular due to expansion of businesses and the influx into the metropolitan area of Lienz. With today‘s stated 3267 inhabitants we are talking about the third highest population number of a town in East Tyrol.

All this may have historical and geographical reasons. It is also certainly due to its superb location. Nussdorf is in a really lovely setting, at the foot of the Nußdorf mountain, with Debant in turn at the exit area of the Debanttal valley. And also the highest mountain in the district, the Hochschober, which is at 3242 metres and can be seen all around. In terms of places to visit Nussdorf-Debant doesn’t need to go into hiding. The sacred buildings in particular reveal a town which has traditional and contemporary interest. The oldest sacral building in the town is Nußdorf parish church, which dates from 1450 and was extended in the second half of the 17th century.

Due to the already mentioned considerable population growth after the Second World War, Debant opened a contemporary church in 1970; this characterises the appearance of the town and lends it a discreet modernist look. St. Sylvester Chapel and Fasching farm are also worth seeing. You should also devote more than a cursory glance to the Staudach residence/Mesnerhaus. And as well as all the history and sacral and secular buildings, we ought not to forget to highlight a natural gem - Debantbach.

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Fly-Fishing - Moarhof****

3 nights incl. halfboard and day tickets for fishing

from € 405,00 p.P.

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