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Nikolsdorf, which on 01.01.2013 had 897 inhabitants, is located to the extreme east, on the south- facing side of the Lienz valley floor. This location makes Nikolsdorf the most easterly town in East Tyrol and the most easterly town in the whole of the state of Tyrol. Anyone who sets foot in Nikolsdorf almost has one foot in Carinthia. But only just. The village of Lengberg is the main settlement in the Kastral district. Lengberg Castle in particular is well worth a visit. The first mentions in documents are dated 1190.

Lengberg Castle was completely renovated in 2008. In this context archaeologists also found all kinds of interesting things, such as medieval tapor flute, coins, playing cards, glasses and much more. This alone is evidence of the long history of Nikolsdorf. One additional special feature which ought to be mentioned here is the airfield, which is located in Nikolsdorf. On circuit flights you get to see the Lienz Dolomites from a wholly different perspective. Anyone who enjoys the mountains of East Tyrol in this way will be able to observe the beauty of the very same in a completely other light.

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