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The town of Lavant has just 294 inhabitants. Lavant is on the so-called ‘shady’ side of the Lienz valley floor. But don’t let that put you off. Since where there is a great deal of shade, as is generally known, there is also a great deal of light. In terms of history in particular, Lavant has a few special features which are not to be missed. The vestiges of a settlement can be traced way back. Some of the vestiges point to a settlement even in the Neolithic Period. The Celts also found Lavant a lovely place, in spite of the shadows on the shady side and probably recognised the beauty of Lavant in an instant. One interesting phenomenon is that in Lavant, even though in terms of surface area and number of inhabitants it is really straightforward, two sacred buildings which are well worth seeing await.

On the peak of the Kirchbichl in Lavant, which, incidentally, you can ‘scale’ during a nice walk, and which summarily becomes a lovely toboggan route in the winter, is one of the churches consecrated to St. Paul. Just a few metres altitude and barely a walk away is the next church, which is spares no Baroque flamboyancy and gaudiness - the St. Ulrich church which was converted to Baroque style. Looking from the outside its very beautiful, yet almost humble style, makes it look not Baroque at all. Just go inside and gaze in amazement. Another interesting fact in Lavant – the intensity of tourism, that is, the overnight stays per inhabitant are the second highest in the whole district of Lienz. That may be due to Lavant’s peaceful, beautiful location, but it may also be due to the surprising variety. Here you will not ‘just’ find private landlords and little guesthouses, but also a chic hotel. And as a really special treat, there is a Golf course in the area.

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