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That Dölsach, is located on the so-called “Sunnseitn”, i.e. on the south-facing side of the Lienz valley floor, is a wonderful little spot on earth, is something which was known about centuries and millennia before us. The archaeological site of Aguntum proves this impressively. Every year archaeologists come from all over Austria and dig up astonishing things time and again; proving that the area in Dölsach had been settled a long, long time ago. Reference is even made to this in its coat of arms, which is of an ornate white pillar. The name Dölsach is derived from ‘dolice’ and means something like ‘little valley’. Dölsach was first mentioned in documents dating from around 1197.

The particularly exposed location of the village of Dölsach probably also contributed to a number of artists, especially painters – great sons (unfortunately no daughters) - emerging from Dölsach. And who would be surprised that it was painters in particular? To describe Dölsach as picturesque, with its church located on a hill, would be a wanton understatement. It would seem that Dölsach was just made for picturesque paintings. Franz von Defregger, Albin Egger-Lienz probably saw one or another beautiful landscape in Dölsach and skilfully captured it on canvas. Them nay associations prove that Dölsach is not just set in a beautiful and wonderful location, but that its tradition and culture is very much alive and nurtured today too.

Starting with the Franz von Defregger Musikkapelle Dölsach, to the Theaterwerkstatt you will find something here, and also some unexpected things too. The fact that Dölsach has its own outdoor swimming pool makes it particularly appealing for those who are looking for refreshment. In winter you should test the small, yet perfectly formed, toboggan route, which proceeds to just above the swimming pool. Perfect for families who want to enjoy several toboggan rides and for whom a full, long ascent is too long for just a few minutes tobogganing. Dölsach has for centuries also been a stronghold of schnapps distilling. Countless schnapps distillers are impressive testament to how much this old tradition is nurtured here.

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