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There are 920 inhabitants in the parish of Ainet. In terms of tourism, the parish has relatively little significance in comparison to Kals am Großglockner. A fact that you won’t really understand; yet also a fact which makes Ainet an inside tourist tip, which you can still discover for yourself, before everyone else does. Around 1277 you can read about a town called “Ayned”. The meaning of this word is a little bit uncomplimentary, since “Ayned” means, presumably when you say the word aloud, something like ‘a desolate place’. When you visit Ainet you will indeed find a somewhat quiet location, which is on no account dull.

It is worthwhile taking a closer look and getting a feel for the history of this village. You don’t have to look for long. In particular, in the area where there sacred buildings area in Ainet you will find unexpected gems. Ainet’s parish church was built in the Middle Ages and extended in 1778. You should also pay a flying visit to the Herz Jesu Church. It is an interesting piece of Tyrolean popular religion. The small, yet perfectly formed, village of Ainet has also spawned a fine son - Jakob Gibler. The academic sculptor was born in Ainet and worked here as a teacher. Today you will find his work in Admont Abbey and also in Vienna’s Votive Church. And in Ainet too of course.

Yet it is not “just” historic and cultural treats and special features which can be found here. As far as nature is concerned Ainet doesn’t need to hide away. Starting with the “natural monument”, which you will find in the ‘Bierkeller’ and a cluster of trees consisting of sycamore planes and summer & winter spruce, through to the superb view to the mountains, all the lovely features which are so typical of East Tyrol can be found here. You definitely ought to treat yourself to the view to the Schober group, which is a fundamental part of the parish of Ainet.

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