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Lienz describes itself as a sunny town and maintains that the south begins here. A lot can be said and written, and there is a whopping 2020 of sunshine a year on average and a real Mediterranean style in the town.

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Around 1277 you can read about a town called “Ayned”. The meaning of this word is a little bit uncomplimentary, since “Ayned” means something like ‘a desolate place’. When you visit Ainet you will indeed find a somewhat quiet location, which is on no account dull.

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Considered in another way, in terms of tourism, Amlach is considerable, which is due especially to its proximity to Lienz. This is without doubt a key sector for the town. 

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With 1853 souls, the town of Assling is middle of the table when it comes to inhabitant numbers. The town could be described as being just right – not too big and not too small.

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That Dölsach, is located on the so-called “Sunnseitn”, i.e. on the south-facing side of the Lienz valley floor, is a wonderful little spot on earth, is something which was known about centuries and millennia before us.

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The town extends from the south-facing slope of the Zettersfeld and covers a mere 7.28 square kilometres. This makes Gaimberg, in terms of surface area, the smallest town in East Tyrol. Small indeed, but oh so nice.

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This small, yet perfectly formed town is located at the road which links the Lienz valley floor with Mölltal. In the west and south Iselsberg-Stronach borders Dölsach; in the east and the north you almost have a foot in Carinthia.

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Lavant is on the so-called ‘shady’ side of the Lienz valley floor. Since where there is a great deal of shade, there is also a great deal of light. In terms of history in particular, Lavant has a few special features which are not to be missed.

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Leisach, with 787 inhabitants, makes its presence felt and is just a stone’s throw from the sunny town of Lienz. The district of Leisach-Gries is the starting point for the Pustertal high altitude road.

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Nikolsdorf is located to the extreme east, on the south-facing side of the Lienz valley floor. This location makes Nikolsdorf the most easterly town in East Tyrol and the most easterly town in the whole of the state of Tyrol. 

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Since it is not just yesterday that there has been a settlement in this area is apparent. Just how far back this goes, is shown in Breitegg, since finds of late Neolithic earthenware shards were able to date the first settlements to precisely this era. 

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However, Oberlienz is not ‘just’ in a good and lovely location, it is also steeped in history. Single finds indicate that people settled in this area even during the pre-Roman era.

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Schlaiten’s location is actually notable – the settlement area is situated almost completely on a terrace, a proud 150 metres above the valley floor. If that isn’t a great location then what is? 

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hurn is situated on a slightly ascending valley floor, just 2 kilometres from the centre of Lienz. Indeed the view of the Lienz Dolomites which you can get from Thurn is quite different.

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What is actual unique about Tristach is the fact that East Tyrol’s only swimming lake is located in Tristach. In summer and winter alike, it tempts you to enjoy an extended walk and enjoy the superb air. 

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