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Learning paths within the Lienz Dolomites

Roundloop walking trail "Dorfrunde Gaimberg"

On the Gaimberg village circuit visitors hike through fields in the sunny side of Lienz, perhaps asking themselves where the name "Totenweg" came from, why there are so many walls here and what purpose a hayrack serves.
Hikers find out more interesting information about all this and how this unique cultural landscape came about on the stations along this themed trail. There is another notice board providing information about the mountains in the Lienz Dolomites and their tourist connections. The "Sonnenplatzl" at Graendorfer church tempts you to enjoy a rest - a sundial here reveals "what hour has struck".

Tips from us:

Start: Patriasdorfer Platz'l
Insider's Tip: Station Nr. 4 "Sonnenplatzl"  
Lenght: 4 km

Great experience: 

Themed path Gaimberg village circuit

Route start: Patirasdorfer Platzl

Route end: Patirasdorfer Platzl

Meter up:
Route length:

Roundloop walking trail "Vogelerlebnisweg"

This trail starts at one of the oldest buildings in Thurn, the Kammerlanderhof, and presents hikers will all kinds of interesting facts about the birds which live here on the biggest alluvial fan in the Eastern Alps. This small-scale area provides nesting areas for almost 100 bird species. 35 birds in total which can be found in the woodlands, the fields and meadows and in the settlement area are presented at 6 stations.

Start: Kammerlanderhof in Thurn
Culture: Museum day Monday: 04.00 p.m.- 07.00 p.m. (June 20th - September 12th 2016 )  
Lenght: 6 km
Great experience

Themed path "adventure bird trail"

Route start: Kammerlanderhof in Thurn

Route end: Kammerlanderhof in Thurn

Meter up:
Route length:

Walking trail "Kneippwanderweg"

Priest Sebastian Kneipp can be described as being the pioneer of the wellness movement of today - his theses, which, above all else, served as preventative health care, are revealed on this themed trail. A stone labyrinth is a symbol for your route into your core, a healing herb garden, an arm bath and water treading facility as well as hiking bring visitors to this route closer to the 5 keystones of Priest Kneipp.

Tips from us:

Start: Cablecar station "Zettersfeldbahn" in Gaimberg
Highlight: labyrinth made of stones - 1st section  
Lenght: 4,7 km (one direction)
Great experience:


The hut Karlsbaderhütte is situated directly at the lake Lazerzsee. The hut is surrounded from the imposing Dolomites of Lienz. Inch by inch extended and renovated the hut Karlsbaderhütte is an insider tip that offer a lot of sporty goals.

Route start: hut, Dolomitenhütte

Route end: hut, Karlsbaderhütte

Meter up:
Route length:
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