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4 hut tour in East Tyrol

This tour climbs to the loveliest viewing plateaus, moving from hut to hut.

Lienz Dolomites, Carnic Alps and Hohe Tauern – East Tyrol provides many giant mountains. This tour leads climbers to the most beautiful viewing platforms and from hut to hut. The locals reverently call him the teacher of legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner: Blasl Sepp. They say he was an intrepid man who climbed even the most difficult routes in the Lienz Dolomites. Until he was suddenly killed in a lethal accident. While he was mountain climbing - at the age of 75 years.  The fact that he was not only ambitious but also romantic is proven by the Anna-shelter. Blasl Sepp built this hut at 1992 metres above sea level on the Ederplan and carefully decorated it with timber shingles. To the present day, the window of the really cosy living room facilitates a splendid view onto “his” Lienz Dolomites.  The Anna shelter is the first overnight stop on the East Tyrolean 4 Huts Tour. The inn keeper is well-known for his delicious local food.

The plateau surrounding Lienz is bordered by impressive town walls: In the North, the Schober Group provides protection; on the opposite side, the Lienz Dolomites rise into the sky, in the East there is the Kreuzeck-Group and in the West there are the Deferegger Alps. So, those who leave Lienz by bike immediately find themselves surrounded by an impressive backdrop. But also in terms of altitude things get really speedy. This 4 Huts Tour encloses the city in a big circle, passing by all four mountain ranges on a total of 120 kilometres and 5400 metres in altitude.

The nights are of course spent in the mountain shelters. First of all because the food up there is particularly delicious and secondly because you will hardly get enough of the spectacular views onto the city and right onto the giant mountains. In general, the route is signposted. However, it may not always be perfectly easy to make out the red indicator arrows on the signposts. Bringing a GPS thus makes sense - just like being in good shape. The four stage length are principally designed to provide enough time for breaks, stops and having a chat with the inn keeper - but all that does not make the ascents easier. Even if 1300 meters in altitude does not sound dramatic at first – due to their gradient angle, the ascents do become a painful experience. Jolly flat parts are rather an exception. Hats off to all those who cycle from Bruck Castle all the way to Hochstein without getting off their bike! But of course there are good reasons to expose yourself to this: The cuisine in East Tyrolean mountain huts is excellent. Tradition is of high importance here, and that’s why many locals keep running the long-established farms as a side job. This results in homemade local meals. Extremely delicious, very savoury, and often completed by a “Pregler” schnapps.

1 day: Lienz - Anna Schutzhaus

1 day: Starting point for the tour is the train station in Lienz in the town centre. Although the stage is short, the climb is quite tough. After rolling along the Drau at an easy pace the route climbs steeply from Dölsach. With no flat sections, the well-developed forest trail proceeds uphill, finally changing into a section which is very steep and barely rideable. The lodge soon comes into view. Overnight stay: The traditional Anna-Schutzhaus has a few rooms and a dormitory area for nine people. The efforts of the climb are worth it to enjoy the views and the food.

2 day: Anna Schutzhaus - Lienzer Hütte

2 day: Initially the bulk of the metres altitude from the day before fade away beneath your wheels, the route then heads up to the Schober Group. After a short section on the main road the route again proceeds uphill into Debantbachtal. Along the river, still on Undulating terrain, later becoming ever steeper on a little toll road heading into the Hohe Tauern National Park. The final few metres up to the Lienzer Hütte – the destination for today’s overnight stay – proceeds uphill on rough gravel terrain. Overnight stay: The Lienzer Hütte is a lovely Alpine Association lodge which has a traditional kitchen, bedrooms and a dormitory.

3 day: Lienzer Hütte - Hochsteinhütte

3 day: From the inn head uphill on the route from the previous day until the route branches off to the right on a forest trail. This proceeds up to the ski lifts on the Faschingalm. After an asphalt descent with plenty of hairpin bends winds down to Lienz and across the Drau. From Schloss Bruck the sweat-inducing ascent to the Hochstein begins. This 1300 Metre altitude uphill section proceeds without any flat sections, finally ending right at the summit cross of the Hochstein. The lodge awaits just a few metres next to this. Overnight stay: The  contemporary Hochsteinhütte is today’s destination.

4 day: Hochsteinhütte - Dolomitenhütte

4 day: This day also starts with a descent - from Hochsteinhütte Roll down into the valley again and at Leisach meet the Drau again. The route now proceeds for a while through the valley past the farmsteads in Ulrichsbichl. A bit later an asphalt road branches off to the right which proceeds, climbing steadily, up to Tristacher See. Time for a dip? After another 800 metres altitude you come to a car park. There are still a few metres to cover, then the picturesque setting of the Dolomiten-Hütte comes into sight. Overnight stay: The Lienzer Dolomiten-Hütte is in a spectacular location on a rocky promontory enjoying views to the Huge cliff face of the Spitzkofel massif.

5 day: Dolomitenhütte - Lienz

5 day: The final day comes to a leisurely close. There is time left to enjoy a long sumptuous breakfast in the Dolomitenhütte. In no time at all the descent Passes on the little asphalt road (watch out for traffic!). Having arrived at the bottom, the Drau proceeds parallel to the cycle path, heading back to Lienz. It is worth enjoying a leisurely stroll through the Old Town area here or paying a visit to the regional market, before making our way back home.

4 hut tour in East Tyrol

This tour climbs to the loveliest viewing plateaus, moving from hut to hut.

Route start: station Lienz

Route end: station Lienz

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