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Snowshoeing in Villgratental

Snowshoeing is a natural adventure in its purest guise.

It is the secluded tranquillity of the freshly snow-covered winter forest. It is the way you make your first tracks in the virgin snow. It is the satisfaction of having got to hidden destinations under your own steam – whether that be a remote summit or a hill in the surrounding area, or the many alpine pastures in Villgratental, which have to be kept secret from others.


  • Unter – Oberstalleralm im Arntal in Innervillgraten
  • Hochberg – Kamelisenalm
  • Einethtal, Höggerhöfe to Sandalm


  • From Reiterstube – Winkeltal - Volkzeinerhütte

Winter hiking trails in Innervillgraten

  • Municipal path via the Lahnberg to the Hochberg 2-3 hours.
  • Route to the Höggerhöfen, continuing to Thaletalm (when there isn’t much snow to the Schmiedhofalm in Einethtal) 1.5 hours, back via Hochberg (Gasserhöfe) and the Berger-Kirchensteig into the village.
  • Circuit hike from the centre of the village to Einethtal to the mill, then right via the Berger-Kirchensteig - Hochberg – Lahnberg, then via the country road into the village. 2-3 hours - circuit hike from the centre of the village to Einettal to Höggerhöfen and Thaletalm. Before the first bothy take a right, heading for the Berglethöfe. Continue via the Hochberg to Fürathöfen and continue to Unterstalleralm. Return from the Unterstalleralm on the Arntalerweg trail to the Maxer branch-off point and via the country road into the village.
  • Ahornbergweg – past GH Raiffeisen via the trail to Tschogglerhof and the same route back again. 1-2 hours.
  • From the centre of the village to Kalkstein via the country road to the Maxer branch-off point. From Maxer head to the Unter – and Oberstalleralm (when snow levels are moderate). There and back around 4 – 5 hours
  • Centre of the village – via Berger Kirchensteig – Kamelisenaln (when snow levels are moderate) 2-3 hours
  • Innervillgraten – Kalkstein via the country road 2 hours; continue to the Alfenalm 10 mins. Back via the same route.

Winter hiking trails in Außervillgraten

  • Winkeltal - Reiterstube to Mooshofalm 1 ½ hours – Volkzeineralm 2 hours.
  • Route via Unterwalden to Sillian, 2 hours. (Municipal path) – centre of the village - Versellerberg to Hochfeichtl and Innerhochlahn 1-3 hours. (Municipal path)
  • Circuit hike: centre of the village – Versellerberg – Bachlechn – Reiterstube 2 hours and back via Winkeltalstraße to the village. 1 hour.
  • Unterfelden to Hochkofl 1 ½ hours.
  • Centre of the village – path to Thurntaler Rast 3 hours.
  • Centre of the village – Glinzhof and back 1 hour.

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