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Totenkarspitze 3133 metres

Hike to the Daberlenke via the Rudolf-Tham-Weg. The signposted path proceeds slightly downhill to the fork in Dabertal. Ascending slowly, in a westerly direction, through distinct glacier moraines, you get via what remains of the Panargen glacier to the das Rotenmanntörl (2997 metres). The idiosyncratic naming of this mountain in-section is not by chance. In the midst of the dark grey primitive rocks (muscovite mica-shist) at 3000 metres altitude, are 12 metre high jagged rocks, in reddish sandstone. This "Red man" is a geological rarity for the surrounding area. Across the north-west ridge which is very crumbly, you get to the summit of the Totenkarspitze (superb view into the distance)

Starting point: Neue Reichenberger Hütte 2586 metres
Ascent time: around 4.5 hours


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