Wildenkogel 3.021m

The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
1350 m
highest point
3020 m
walking time uphill
4 h
4.2 km
starting point:
Matreier Tauernhaus (1.500 m)
destination point:
Wildenkogel (3.021 m)
best season:


Car park
Car park Matreier Tauernhaus 1.510m

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

2°C/36°F °C


Whereas the bulk of the ski tour destinations around Matrei’s Tauernhaus are less visited throughout winter, tackling the Wildenkogel is a decidedly springtime undertaking. The slopes are steep and there is the threat of avalanche, which evolves from the inconspicuous corries, and the gradient winds its way up to the summit. Good hairpin bend technique and the ability to assess an avalanche situation are required here to be able to enjoy this tour. Starting point is Matreier Tauernhaus (1500m, car parking), two kilometres before the Felbertauern south portal. The ascent to the Wildenkogel proceeds exactly opposite the inn and is well visible from the lower section. We keep heading south-west, crossing the slope several times, on flat terrain to the bridge at Tauernbach. Yellow route signposts take us to a forest aisle here which brings us along the summer trail in several hairpin bends out of the larch forest into a small flat area. The terrain opens up and we climb to the right of the river up via an ascending slope. At a suitable point we cross the trench and into the first plateau (Lackenboden). The second steep section (south-east slopes up to 40°) is tackled to the right of the runoff of the Löbbensee. In a sort of serpentine line the track winds through this section and leaves the flanks between cliffs heading for the run-off from the lake (2226 m), which we enter somewhat above. The route now continues along the ice area to the tributary and turns at 2250 m, following the valley to the north-west. In the steadily ascending trough up, the ski track swings at 2600m to once again head south west and proceeds through glacial lapping plates beneath the rocky area of the pre-summit in flat, truncated terrain. We now climb via a short slope heading north in a small kettle beneath the structure on the summit. Via the remnants of Wildenkeeses we cross to the final slope (south east, up to 35°) beneath the ridge line. Via this we proceed up and via a brief boulder area up to the highest point. Descent along the ascent track and climb down a few metres to the east ridge and via the south-facing slopes into the corrie.

Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here: www.grafikzloebl.at/verlag/buecher/


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