Prägratner Törl 2.846m

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altitude meters uphill
1182 m
highest point
2846 m
walking time uphill
4 h
5.6 km
starting point:
St. Jakob (1.400 m)/Tögisch (1.653 m)
destination point:
Prägratner Törl (2.846 m)
best season:


Bus stop
St. Jakob i. D. Gemeindeamt

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In Tögischer Tal, 2.5 km north east of St. Jakob im Def. Bronze was once mined and this is demonstrated today by the mining pits 200 metres altitude beneath Prägratner Törl. The ski tour in this hidden high altitude valley is assessed as easy in terms of technical features, but it does require a certain amount of fitness and endurance. There is just one steep slope in the centre of the valley which is wind-swept on occasion, and it is bypassed by heading west or east. It is the conditions which decide this. Starting point is the hamlet of Tögisch (1653 m), via a narrow, steep mountain road which heads for St. Jakob just before the entrance to Trojer Almental. There is some car parking available at the farm. When there is snow chains should be put on, even if your winter tyres are fitted. After a few metres the yellow route signposts show us the way, shortened by a long forest trail, heading into the protected forest, which we soon leave again to head for the aforementioned road into Tögischer Tal. After a rocky nook, we follow a short descent with climbing skins into the bottom of the valley and we start our ascent through the superb high mountain valley. Always heading north, at around 2300 m and 2400 m, we get to a wide, blocking bar, which can be bypassed on the east side in the somewhat less steep flank. Please note: this section is often filled with deceptive wind-drifted snow and requires the requisite care and attention. After the upswing the terrain becomes flatter and the ski track swings in the centre of the valley, proceeding up through base areas and troughs. At around 2580 m we come to a route signpost which shows the way to the west to the deep snow-covered mining pit. However, we keep to the right area of the valley and climb in the final base area beneath the wide Prägratner Törl, which actually comprises two passageways. Although what is pivotal for us is the one to the right passageway to the right of the distinctive cornet (see photo). In a few hairpin bends we proceed via a short slope into the spacious wind gap (4 hours from Tögisch). Descent along the ascent track.

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