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altitude meters uphill
978 m
highest point
2477 m
walking time uphill
3 h
4.3 km
starting point:
Kals / Taurerwirt
destination point:


Bus stop
Kals a. G. Taurer
Car park
Car park Porzehütte

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Starting point is the Hotel Taurerwirt (1500 m) at the end of the Kalser Tal. From the car park proceed briefly via the trail to Dorfertal (slope), before we leave this to the left via a small bridge. There are two options here. Variant 1 follows the yellow route signposts through the forest, which is steep at the start, up to Kehrer Alm (1843 m). It is important at around 1800 m to cross Mitterling Bach to the south to the Alpine lodges (summer trail). Variant 2 proceeds somewhat more leisurely from the bridge, still around 400 m in the bottom of the valley and reaches the Kehrer Alm via a forest trail, which may be shortened by heading through woodland terrain. The terrain now becomes more open and via pastureland flanks we now make our way beneath the slopes which climb to the Blauspitze to a light wood panelled Alpine lodge (2.242 m) which can be seen from quite a distance, behind an edge in the terrain. The slope under here is quite steep (east, >30°) and requires safe snow conditions. From the Alpine inn the ski track proceeds along a shallow trough to the west to the destination of our tour, a wide wind gap to the right of a distinct rocky ridge. This bears the name ‘Hochtor’ or Hohes Tor (2 ½- 3 hours from the Taurerwirt).

Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here: http://www.grafikzloebl.at/verlag/buecher/


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