Gridenkarköpfe 3.031m

The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
1040 m
highest point
3030 m
walking time uphill
3:50 h
12.7 km
starting point:
Kals – Lucknerhaus (1.920 m)
destination point:
Gridenkarköpfe (3.031 m)
best season:


Parking spot

Parking area Glocknerwinkel

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions


23°C/73°F °C


The three little summits of the Gridenkarköpfe are among the most northerly three-thousand metre mountains in the Schober group. They are located on the East Tirol border ridge to the Böses Weibele and are a worthwhile tour destination in the ski touring area at Lucknerhaus. Even if the first section of the ascent is identical to the ski tour to the Böses Weibele, this is an almost separate tour. Whereas the Mittlere (3007 m) is the rockiest in nature, the Südliche (3031 m) and Nördliche Gridenkarkopf (3020 m) can be scaled via short, non-too-difficult ridges. Starting point is Lucknerhaus (1920 m, large car park). 200 metres before the inn, route signposts show the ascent to the Peischlach Törl/Böses Weibele and to Glorer Hütte. Our ski track proceeds via a cart track to Niggl Alm. In spring skis have to be carried here for the most part. Appealing hairpin bend terrain follows, via a forest ridge before at around 2200 m (small lodge) we proceed via a narrow trench, in search of the most favourable route, to Peischlachtörl (2490 m). Please do not go too high, the slopes which are to be crossed are steep (35°). This section is a key point in terms of avalanche technique required and should only be tackled when conditions are safe. After traversing the trench we use this until we get to the extensive base area of Peischlach Törl. The track now bears south following the course of the river which is like a ‘Half Pipe’. At 2584 m (AV map) the terrain opens out and the ascent soars impressively east along a trough in a ‘secondary little valley’ beneath our tour destination. Always climbing south-east, we head into the lovely north west slope, as if drawn by a ruler (30°), beneath our tour destination. More hair pin bend terrain takes us into the gaping wind gap between the Mittlere and Südliche Gridenkarkopf. After the ski storage area the route proceeds without any difficulty via the ridge to the main summit. Take care! To scale the north summit it is preferable to cross at the foot of the dissipating ice area heading north and climb via the flanks into the wide wind gap to the north west of the summit (ski storage area). Via the short ridge to the little secluded cairn. Descent along the ascent track.

Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here:


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