Graue Scharte 2.980m

The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
1492 m
highest point
2980 m
walking time uphill
5 h
4 km
starting point:
Kals / Taurerwirt (1.490 m)
destination point:
Graue Scharte (2.980 m)
best season:


Bus stop
Kals a. G. Lucknerhaus
Car park
Parking area Glocknerwinkel

altitude profile

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Away from all the hustle and bustle of ski tours around the Großglockner, at the Taurerwirt in Kals you will find an ideal tour destination with adventure-filled ski runs in a secluded and superb mountainous area. Between the rocky strongholds of the Kendlspitze and the Ganimitz, the Kendlkar breaks through, with its superb ski tour terrain on the southern foothills of the Granatspitz group and finishes in the Grauen Scharte between Kendlspitze and Stellachwand. Starting point, as already mentioned, is the Hotel Taurerwirt at the end of Kalser Tal. From the car park proceed around 200 m via the path (slope), before leaving this via a small bridge on the left. There are two options here. Variant 1 follows the route signposts through the forest heading for Kehrer Alm and Hochtor. It is important at around 1800 m to cross the stream at the lodges (summer path in the map). Variant 2 proceeds somewhat more leisurely from the bridge for another 400 m and gets to Kehrer Alm via a forest trail and then forest terrain. Via the pasture flanks the track swings off to Pahlalm at 2100 m. From there is a tour option to the Hochtor, also very worthwhile, or continue into the flat high mountain valley to the Grauen Scharte. Via steep yet short slopes we get to the lovely cirque. Following the base of the valley the ascent bears east, up steep flanks beneath the wind gap, which has a few technical avalanche sections. Only tackle these when conditions are safe! Otherwise, with the wind gap at the end of the base of the valley there is a flatter route. Descent along the ascent track, from Keher Alm use variant 2 as the descent! Due to the east-facing aspect and the day-time warmth it is recommended that you get out early and only tackle this tour when conditions are favourable.

Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here: 


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