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altitude meters uphill
970 m
highest point
2665 m
walking time uphill
3 h
4.1 km
starting point:
Außervillgraten / kleiner Parkplatz beim Weiler Oberwurzen (1.700 m)
destination point:
Gabesitten (2.665 m)
best season:

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

16 °C


Via a forest road conveniently to the Mitterwurzalm (1888 m). From here via the mountain pastures and through the light forest in a westerly direction until you get to a cross at around 2100 m at the start of the wide mountain ridge. Proceed via this in a northerly direction bearing left past the avalanche control structure, until the terrain becomes steeper. Where the ridge becomes steep and rock-strewn, head west into flatter terrain up to the plateau (left at the cross on the slopes of the Gabesitten). Across the mostly heavily windswept plateau and the steep slope up to the flat summit.


The Gabesitten is mostly frequented by local tourers. In the depths of winter lovely powder snow stays in the forested area for a longer period of time. The tour is also suitable for not so adept skiers, if they use the forest trail to the finish. A lovely view to the Carnic ridge and the Dolomites awaits tourers at the summit. When visibility is poor it is difficult to navigate above the treeline.

Descent: As the ascent.


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