Weiße Spitze 2,962

The most important at a glance

9.3 km
altitude meters uphill
1260 m
altitude meters downhill
1240 m
walking time uphill
4 h
walking time downhill
3 h
total walking time
7 h
highest point
2935 m

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public transport:

Mit dem Wandertaxi bis zur Unterstaller Alm


Parkplatz Oberstaller Alm - kostenpflichtig

starting point:
Parkplatz Jausenstation Unterstalleralm
destination point:
Weiße Spitze
best season:


Parking spot

Car park Unterstalleralm 1.670m

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions


16°C/61°F °C


The mountain tour begins at the car park (fee of 4€/day) just before the Oberstalleralm. From Oberstalleralm you now follow a gravel trail into the valley until after around 350 metres you get to a clear signpost, following the "Weisse Spitze" route. Trail no. 17 now begins and is very steep, proceeding to the east of the Schlötterbach through light woods and Alpine pastures way up to the Schlötterlenke (2700m). Here you often get a lovely view back to the Oberstalleralm and the trail also proceeds past a small meditation area dedicated to Maria. The southern ridge now begins from the Schlötterlenke which is initially very wide. However there is soon a cumbersome slab of rock, which is best tackled on its edge. Afterwards the route proceeds on a wide ridge via an area of boulders to just below the southern pre-summit area. On the ridge which now narrows, always on the edge, tackling section I, proceed in a little wind gap and proceed to the Weiße Spitze summit (2962m).


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