Stage 01 from Lavant to St. Korbinian

Easy beginnings: a calm start beneath the rugged peaks of the Lienz Dolomites

The most important at a glance

19.7 km
altitude meters uphill
989 m
altitude meters downhill
617 m
total walking time
6 h
highest point
1054 m
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public transport:

Mit dem Bus bis zur Bushaltestelle "Lavant Ort".


Parkplatz Gemeindeamt Lavant

starting point:
Wallfahrtskirche in Lavant,
destination point:
St. Korbinian
best season:

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Current weather conditions

12°C/54°F °C


The official start of the Hoch und Heilig pilgrimage trail is at the pilgrimage church in Lavant, on the Lavanter Kirchbichl. From the church Maria Lavant you start to the church St. Peter and Paul and further to the Landgasthof Kreithof along path no. 11 (about 1 hour walking time). 

If you spent your first night at the Landgasthof Kreithof, but do not want to miss the pilgrimage church in Lavant, it is advisable to visit it on the day of your arrival in the opposite direction of the route. Otherwise this stage will be very long (walking time both ways about 1 hour 45 min).

From the Landgasthof Kreithof you hike to the idyllic lake Tristacher See, still on path no. 11 (Waldlehrpfad) down to the chapel at Ulrichsbichl and on to the village Amlach, where you stop briefly in the church of St. Ottilie. In former times, Amlach was a popular pilgrimage site for people suffering with eye diseases. The route continues up the Drau river until you cross the river in the direction of Leisach to the church of St. Michael. Along the Römerweg you reach Burgfrieden, passing the Lienzer Klause. The inscription on the memorial stone commemorates the defensive battle of 1809, when the Tyrolean artillery forced the Napoleonic troops to withdraw from Lienz. You can reach the village of Thal along the Römerweg. From here it is only a short ascent to your destination St. Korbinian on a platform above the Pustertal.

Along the Trail

The chapel in Ulrichsbichl, the Amlach parish church St. Ottilie and the parish church St. Michael in Leisach with the altars of Josef Bachlechner invite you to visit along the way.

St. Korbian (Thal) 

It is regarded as one of the most beautiful late Gothic churches in Tyrol with a winged altar by Friedrich Pacher. The church is usually locked; (on the homepage you will find a current information how to organize the key to the church and how a church tour can be arranged).

Vitalpinum (Thal) 

a museum in connection with a show garden about medicinal plants and essential oils.



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