Section 02 from St. Korbinian to Maria Luggau

There is always a way: across the Kofelpass as the only gap between the inaccessible Lienz Dolomites and the famous pilgrimage site of Maria Luggau.

The most important at a glance

19.2 km
altitude meters uphill
1713 m
altitude meters downhill
1100 m
total walking time
7 h
highest point
1877 m
* * * * *
* * * * *
public transport:

Mit dem Bus bis zur Haltestelle "Thal GH Wilfernerhof"

starting point:
St. Korbinian
destination point:
Maria Luggau
best season:

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

11°C/52°F °C


You leave Thal to the south, cross the Drau river at the sawmill and follow a path towards Schwarzboden just behind the sawmill. Continuing along a forest path in an easterly direction, you will soon take the turnoff in the direction of the Kofelpass (No. 212, 213). After about an hour of ascent through light pine forest you reach your first stop at the Dapra Cross. Then continue along the gorge of the stream Leisacher Almbach in the valley up to the turnoff to the Kofelpass. The last part of the ascent leads over gravel and secured paths, then you reach the scenic plateau of the Leisacher Alm. The highest point, the Kofelpass at 1.880 m offers an ideal vantage and resting point, before it descends along a long, broad forest path in the direction of the Lotteralm, you cross the Eggenbach and hike along path no. 27, 212 in the direction of Guggenberg. Through a particularly well-preserved alpine farming landscape, in which the Annakapelle chapel, built a few years ago along the way, blends in harmoniously, you arrive at your destination: the Basilica in Maria Luggau.

Along the Trail

Chapel St. Anna am Guggenberg

it is situated directly on the trail and invites to a quiet break (the altar is created by Helmut Millonig)

Monastery Maria Luggau

The popular pilgrimage basilica of "The Sorrowful Mother of God" is derived from a dream vision and was consecrated in 1513.

Around 60 organised pilgrimages from Carinthia, Slovenia, Italy and East Tyrol come to Maria Luggau every year. Most East Tyrolean pilgrims arrive via the Kofelpass, which is part of this pilgrimage Trail.



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