Hiking tour to Bonn-Matreier-Hütte

The most important at a glance

13.6 km
altitude meters uphill
1270 m
altitude meters downhill
1270 m
walking time uphill
5:5 h
walking time downhill
3:25 h
total walking time
8:30 h
highest point
2740 m
* * * * *
* * * * *
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel:

Virgen Abzw. Welzelach

Abstell möglichkeit:

Parkplatz Budam

starting point:
Parkplatz Budam
destination point:
Parkplatz Budam
best season:


Bus stop
Virgen Abzw Obermauern
Car park
Car park Budam

hut/alpine hut

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions


Starting from the Budamer Höfe (farms), first follow the driveway and the a rather narrow walkway across alpine pastures all the way up to Nilljochhütte on 1990 metres above sea level. From here, another alone driveway passes by Schmiedleralm and lead to Stuhleralm on 2300 metres above sea level. Now you will have to walk along narrow hiking trails in partly rocky terrain until you reach your destination on 2750 metres above sea level.

A special attraction ist the highest chapel in the Eastern Alps, which is just 2 minutes to walk from the mountain lodge.

In daytime, the innkeepers serve food and beverages a la carte. If you stay overnight, you can enjoy a 4-course-dinner (which is also available as vegetarian delight, on request). 45 persons can spend the night mattresses on the floor or in multi-bed rooms.


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