A paradise for hiking with kids

Adventure, fun and games: children have their own ideas when it comes to hiking. So if you're going to hike with your children, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to ensure that everyone enjoys the trip!

Hiking with kids in Osttirol
Hiking with kids in Osttirol
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Playgrounds with a view
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Guided tours with rangers from the nationalpark
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Take children into account when choosing a hike

You've always wanted to stand on the top of a three-thousand-meter peak ? You take the kids with you without thinking twice? Bad idea. When hiking with kids, it's imperative to include them in the planning stages.


Adapt the hike to the age and ability of the children.

Every child is different and who knows their own child better than their own parents. It is essential to adapt the planned hike to your child's age and ability.


Plan many breaks (double the walking time)

Children discover their surroundings through play. When is the perfect time to bring your offspring closer to nature than on a hike through the unspoiled landscape of Osttirol? Many breaks and enough time for the children to discover the surroundings makes the hike varied. Who knows, maybe you will discover one or the other creature on your hike that you both have never seen before.


Take enough to drink

Snacks and drinks are essential on any hike. Since children have a higher fluid requirement than adults, it is very important to have enough to drink with you! By the way, you can refill your water bottle at almost every spring in Osttirol with fresh mountain spring water, which is of drinking water quality.


Good footwear

Especially for children, the right foot wear is important. The shoes must be comfortable, give the foot support and have a non-slip sole.


Wind, weather and sun protection, sufficient change of clothes

Children are more sensitive to heat and cold. Wind, weather and sun protection should therefore be included in parents' backpacks, as should a sufficient change of clothes. Of course, the little hikers can also carry a backpack. It has to fit and must not be too heavy. We are happy to give you tips on how to pack your backpack!


If children enjoy hiking, they will want to experience more and more. The Hohe Tauern National Park offers a wide range of activities for children every summer that are not only fun, but also teach your children about the importance of our nature and prepare them for the next outdoor adventures.


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