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Starting point: At the old customs house, approx. 920 m.
Approach: The icefall is already well visible from the road. Across the field to Brühlbach stream and follow this to the entry point. The brook bed becomes increasingly steeper upwards up to about level WI 2. Caution: The approach has often been underestimated. (Slipping accidents)
Descent: Rappel down the icefall (1 x tree belay, 2 x bolt belays) or descend on the right through dense undergrowth.
Ice build-up: As soon as wintry temperatures set in, the Brühlfall freezes over. In order for the tail to also freeze over, a very cold Tauernwind needs to blow. This usually happens only one to three times every winter. The left part of the tail usually sticks well to the rock and thus also allows the icefall to be climbed when the tail is not frozen over. The ice is juicy and in the upper part often wet.
Opened up by: Franz Unterassinger and Hans Eckhard, 1983.
Special features: The "Brühlfall" is without doubt one of the best ice destinations in East Tyrol of medium difficulty! Thanks to the cold temperatures, a mighty ice shell forms which is more than 50 m wide in the lower part. Because of the short approach and vicinity to the valley, the Brühlfall is highly frequented in good conditions. The easiest and safest line is on the left edge of the icefall. As a result of temperature fluctuations, the water can carry down chunks of ice with it!

Difficulty: WI 5
Duration for ascent: 20 minutes

Detailed descriptions and topographies may also be found in the book ‘Eiskletterführer Osttirol und Oberkärnten’, ISBN 978-3-902656-21-6. (Only available in German)

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