Dolomite Cycling Tour and SuperGiroDolomiti


The Dolomites cycle circuit is a cycle marathon for the body, mind and spirit.


This classic with historical roots offers far more than perfect organisation and a sporting challenge.


It is a ride through one of the most beautiful nature landscapes in the Alps and is therefore also an experience for the senses and for the soul. Romantic little villages, bizarre mountain peaks, the fragrance of freshly cut hay and the sounds of music bands, who play along the route in honour of the participants… this is offered by no other cycle marathon.

No matter whether you are a competitive cyclist, leisurely cyclist or touring cyclist – everyone is cheered on and celebrated as a winner at the finish line on the Lienz main square. And everyone really is a winner after this cycling experience in Osttirol. On the Dolomites cycle circuit, friendships are forged and rekindled. A community have sportspeople has formed that has one thing in common: enthusiasm for this race.


On the evening before, well-known bands play on the main square of Lienz and the town centre becomes a party zone. All participants for each race receive an attractive starting gift and a great souvenir medal with a diploma.


33rd Dolomite Cycling Tour and 7th SuperGiroDolomiti: Saturday 12th June 2021

1.00 pm - 7.00 pm: Start distribution of numbers at Dolomitenhalle Lienz

3.00 pm: Kid´s race at the Lienzer Hauptplatz

6.30 pm: "Kaiserschmarrnparty" at Dolomitenhalle Lienz

08:00 pm: Rundfahrt-Party in der Lienzer Innenstadt


33rd Dolomite Cycling Tour: Sunday 13th June 2021

5.30 am: late registration and distribution of numbers at Dolomitenhalle Lienz

6.30 am: start 7. SuperGiroDolomiti

08.45-9.15 am: single start 33rd Dolomitenradrundfahrt 112 km (average)

9.30 am: start 33rd Dolomite Cycling Tour 112 km

from 0:15 p.m: first arrival participants 33rd Dolomite Cycling Tour in the center of Lienz

from 1:30 pm: first arrival participants 7. SuperGiro Dolomiti in the center of Lienz

03:30 pm: presentation ceremony 33rd Dolomite Cycling Tour at Dolomitenhalle

06:30 pm: presentation ceremony 7. SuperGiroDolomiti at Dolomitenhalle

afterwards: finisher party at Dolomitenhalle

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