Return from the alp pasture with music and food


More than 1000 sheep are enjoying the alpine pastures in the valley of the Dorfertal in Kals am Großglockner. After a long summer filled by an outstanding menu of all kinds of herbs it is time to return into their home stables when autumnal tints are appearing.  

It is a highlight to take part of this spectaculare event. The sheep will pass the canyon of the Dabaklamm and coming to the place where they got devided by their owners. Reason enough to be grateful to welcome back the healthy animals into the valley and to celebrate this.

Arriving of the sheep from the mountain pastures Dorfertal
Presentation of the mountain pasture "Ochsenalm"
Deviding of the sheep
Food specialities of pork, beef and lamb, vegetarian dumplingvariation, cakes and regional doughnuts by farmwives of Kals
Organizer: Krampusverein Dark Devils

Contributers: Agrargemeinschaft Dorfertal, Dark Devils, farmwives of Kals, Temblerhof Kals, regional food producers

Sat, 16.09.2023
event destination
Temblerhof, Kals a. Gr.
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