Permanent Exhibition at the Anraser Pfleghaus


Permanent, multimedia, interactive exhibition

"Wir Tiroler sind lustig" - the role of folk music for tourism

curated by the Tyrolean Folk Song Archive

It's the image of Tyrol as the land of merry fellows with equally merry maidens. This is exactly what the exhibition "WIR TIROLER SIND LUSTIG" in the Anraser Pfleghaus aims not only to explain this, but also to bring it to life. With a multitude of historical and contemporary documents and eshibits. With excerpts from homeland films, recordings of Tyrolean evenings and recordings of traditional folk and popular music.

Of course, the East Tyrolean connection is not neglected either: there is footage of a Tyrolean evening from the 1980s and of course of the legendary Sepp Huter with his Großlglocknerkapelle Kals.

The exhibition is multimedia, an it is also interactive.

Opening hours: WED,THU+SAT from 09:00am - 13:00pm / FRI from 15:00-21:00pm / SUN from 10:00am - 17:00pm

Entry: € 6,00 / up to 16 years: € 2,00

Video presentation at:

Sat, 03.06.2023
additional event days

Every Wednesday at 09:00

Every Thursday at 09:00

Every Saturday at 09:00

Every Sunday at 10:00

Every Friday at 15:00

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Anraser Pfleghaus, Anras
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