KUWI - art meets science

KUWI is a new format in the roman town Aguntum aimed at 8-12 year olds. In the 1st edition, archaeology (science) meets ceramics (art). Together we will go on field research and explore the life of the Romans in Aguntum. Archaeologists will accompany us on our journey, we will make our own pottery and fire it ourselves in a field firing.

Registration: office@aguntum.at ; T. +43 4852 61550
Event Dates
Mon, 15.07.2024 - 09:00 o'clock
Tue, 16.07.2024 - 09:00 o'clock
Wed, 17.07.2024 - 09:00 o'clock
Thu, 18.07.2024 - 09:00 o'clock
Fri, 19.07.2024 - 09:00 o'clock
event destination

museum Aguntum,

contact details
Museum Aguntum
Römerstraße 1
9991 Dölsach


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