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Alfenalm - Ferienwohnungen am Berg - Giatla Haus

The Alfen Alm is is regarded as one of the best and most beautiful starting points in Ost Tirol for ski tours in winter and many hiking trips in the summer. Our well equipped Alm hut is situated at the Alfen Alm near the hamlet Kalkstein at an altitude of 1750 m above sea level. The hut has 4 bedrooms with each 2 beds. It is possible to add an extra bed or use a crib for infants, if needed. Electricity, dishes and utensils are all supplied. The woodburning kitchen stove has a water tank.
Additional information
Through this tank the water is heated in the rustic kitchen stove. Running cold water is only available in summer time. In the winter, water needs to be brought in from the fresh water basin in front of the hut. The large kitchen with its cozy
athmosphere is the sole warm living room, especially at winter's cold temperatures. It is recommended to bring additional sleeping bags in winter as temperatures and weather can get unpredictably cold. The Alm hut only has a natural earth closet.


🜉 WiFi
🐈 car parking lot
🏝 non-smoking house
🍺 family friendly


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Giatla Haus
Kalkstein 154
9932 Innervillgraten


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