Alpine Rose Festival

Welcome to the Almrosenfest in St. Jakob i. D.

16 - 18 June 2023

Celebrate with us the unique blooming of the alpine roses, while we offer you an unforgettable experience. The Almrosenfest is an opportunity to enjoy a rustic and traditional celebration with local cuisine, amidst a breathtaking mountain landscape of the Defereggen Valley!


A highlight for the whole family!


Admission free: Admission to the Almrosenfest is free, so you can enjoy the festival carefree.
Come by and experience an entertaining and varied program!


Friday, 16.06.2023:


15.30: Start with the Deferegger Tanzlmusik.

Enjoy the start of the Almrosenfest with the traditional Deferegger Tanzlmusik. Let yourself be enchanted by the sounds of the regional music group and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

Food and drink are well provided for: discover the variety of local cuisine and let yourself be spoiled by the regional specialties. From savory dishes to sweet treats, you're sure to find something to please your palate.


Afterwards: Get in the mood with the small-town heroes

Look forward to a rousing performance by the Kleinstadthelden. The band will create a good mood and encourage you to dance and sing along. Enjoy the live music and experience an unforgettable evening.


Evening program: Disco in the foyer

After spending the day with music and good food, you can look forward to the party in the foyer. Dance to the latest hits and celebrate together with other visitors:inside the Almrosenfest.



Saturday, 17.06.2023:


11.00: Sillianer Buibm

Start the day with the rousing sounds of the Sillianer Buibm. The local music group will perform traditional melodies and offer you an entertaining performance.


13.30: Klangholz

Look forward to the musical ensemble Klanholz. The group will create a special atmosphere with their diverse instruments in their harmonious interplay. Let yourself be carried away by the sounds and enjoy the music.


16.30: Mountain goats

Experience an energetic performance by the Bergziegen. The band will create a great atmosphere with their dynamic performance and infectious music. Dance along and let yourself be infected by the enthusiasm of the musicians.


20.00: Jabberwalky

Look forward to the main act of the evening: Jabberwalky. The band will provide an unforgettable night with their energetic stage show and their intoxicating music. Let yourself be carried away by the band and party until late in the evening.


Afterwards: Disco in the foyer

After the live performances, you can continue the night in the foyer. Enjoy the dance floor and party to the sounds of the DJ. Dance to the latest hits and spend an unforgettable time with other festival visitors.


The Almrosenfest strives to create a comprehensive experience for the whole family, so the supporting program of the Almrosenfest is best designed to provide an entertaining experience for the little ones as well. Bouncy castle, climbing wall and shooting range etc. will also keep our little guests busy all day long!

The alpine rose...
The alpine rose...
...shows its splendor especially in the middle / end of June!
The alpine rose festival...
The alpine rose festival...
...combines nature and tradition!
On many hikes...
On many hikes... can marvel at the alpine rose blossom!
...plays a big role at the Almrosenfest!
Region Defereggental
Unterrotte 44
9963 St. Jakob i. D.

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