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During the last years East Tyrol has developed into a hot spot for snowboarding. In addition to the Sunsitepark in Lienz and the Yellow Snow Park at Thurntaler Sillian is the Grossglockner Resort Kals-Matrei the highlight that can beat the heart of snowboarding higher.

Einstieg Snowboard

Yellowsnow Boarderpark
The park with guaranteed snow lies on 2.100 m and its main feature is quality for snowboarders and free-skiers: there is something for all levels, daily maintenance, a chill-out area and an autonomous park-lift. That’s also why the ‘scene’ around the “Yellowsnow” has grown in the last seasons.

Above the park container, at the “Stieralm”, just near the “Steinermandl” chair-lift, 2 Picnic Tables are waiting for you. Everyone can try them, nevertheless they are not quite so easy an “obstacle” with their “kinked” and “stepdown features”. Around the container there is enough room to chill down at the sound of cool music. Moreover, the straight rail invites mini “kickers” to “hike”.


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