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Anyone who has run the tracks in the “Hochpustertal”, in particular in the Tyrolean Gail Valley between Kartitsch, Obertilliach and Untertilliach, will not want to ski anywhere else.

Langlauf Hochpustertal

Snow is guaranteed also on Cross-country skiing tracks and snow making facilities are available for almost 5 km routes. Skiers have at their disposal a total of 120 km made up tracks including the ones in the villages of the “Pustertal” and in Innervillgraten.
Paying a fee means you contribute to the maintenance of the tracks and can also use the regional ski-bus of Hochpustertal for free!

Trail Fee 2011/2012
Day Ticket: EUR 5.00
Weekly (regional): EUR 20.00
Weekly (national): EUR 25.00
Regional season ticket: EUR 50.00
Season ticket DNS: EUR 70.00

Langlauf Hochpustertal

Langlauf Hochpustertal

• Grenzlandloipe (=borderland track) Obertilliach
• Grenzlandloipe (=borderland track) Kartitsch
• Grenzlandloipe (=borderland track) Untertilliach
• Höhenloipe (height track) Anras
• Loipe (track) Innervillgraten
• Loipe (track) International Sillian
• Loipe (track) International Anras
• Loipe (track) Rabland (part of the Loipe International)
• Part of the Loipe International


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