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Healthy And Vital 

To harmonise body, mind and soul: let’s have a rest in East Tyrol.
The clear mountain air, crystal clear water and the unique landscape of East Tyrol are the basis of a regenerating vacation here.


Health farm
Eight East Tyrolean certified farms have joined in May 2004 a group of farms which highlights are health and wellness. Each of them is regularly evaluated according to criteria such as the use of natural materials, the availability of fitness equipment, the Kneipp method, classic wellness with herbs, whey- and hay-baths together with biological products grown on the farm.
The “all round wellness programs” of the health farms help to harmonise body, mind and soul again. The human being is put before anything else, meaning rest, regeneration and the possibility to find oneself. On the health and wellness farms everyone’s need to leave every day’s frenzy behind is fulfilled, and it allows you to regain your inner peace in a completely different atmosphere.

Wellness in East Tyrol
Regeneration from sunrise to sunset, the pure air of East Tyrolean mountains and the wellness hotels is the perfect combination for a holiday to regenerate.
You can find a wellness area with beauty treatments, massages and swimming pool in the following hotels:

• Hotel Zedernklang ****s
• Hotel Outside ****
• Vital- und Wanderhotel Tauererwirt ****
• Sport- und Wellnessresidenz Jesacher ****
• Kinderhotel Replerhof ****
• Hotel Defereggental ****
• Parkhotel Tristachersee ****
• Dolomitenresidenz Sillian ****
• Hotel Rauter Matrei ****

Allergy free in the Defereggental (Defereggen Valley)
Thanks to aerobiological and ecological studies, it is well known that the presence of pollens, dust mites and aspergillus moulds reduces according to the height; this is due to specific geographic and climatic conditions, where the presence of these allergens gradually diminishes until it disappears all together. That’s why at 1.400 m of height there are no dust mites or aspergillus moulds.
The lack of allergic factors is good for allergic people, who can at last breathe the transparent and clear high mountain air. Moreover, the therapy effects of a two-week holiday are lasting so that allergy sufferers are relieved and feel eased also when it’s over. Many of them can even give up their usual medication for a while.
The companies involved in the “Allergiefrei im Defereggental” (= Allergy free in the Defereggen Valley) project are particularly committed to fulfil the wishes and needs of allergy sufferers and offer them regenerating days during their holiday.


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