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You are asking if you really can experience that much here, in the mountains of East Tyrol?? Well, “Wichtelpark”, wildlife running free in nature, splashing about, being creative and a lot of fun in the family-friendly hotels is the answer.


The “FAMilenhotels OStirol”, are family-friendly hotels, the so called “famos”. They are expert at satisfying the particular needs and wishes of families. Three hosts, scattered in the region between Hohe Tauern and the “family nest” of Tyrol “Hochpustertal”, focus on revitalisation, adventure and the experience of nature. East Tyrol, in summer, offers a colourful and varied programme for children of every age.

National Park Region & Defereggental
National Park Snooper

During the summer months children can explore and experience the surroundings of the park with the help of the rangers. They can choose the right programme among the many on offer: “Myths and Sagas”, “On the tracks of the larch dwarves”, “The herbs’ witches are around”, “From the lives of primitive peoples”.
For children over 7 years, from July 8th until August 28th. Prices: EUR 4,-, and some more for any additional materials. For free if you are owner of the “Osttirol Card”! Infos: Nationalpark Büro Matrei +43.4875.5161-10
W(h)at-er Happening in the Brook and in the House
Wednesday 14.00-17.00 h at the “Haus des Wassers”, St. Jakob/Def., Price: EUR 6,-.
Experiencing life alongside and in the brook by playing in the Schwarzach stream and at the “Haus des Wassers”.
For every weather condition.
Booking: Haus des Wassers +43.4873.20090

Wichtelpark – Park of the Gnomes

The “Wichtelpark” lies on the south border of Sillian and offers a large range of ideas to relax and to play, including the longest slide of East Tyrol, an attraction for all ages.
Especially little children love to encounter their friends at the autodrome. Action in the air is to be found on the swinging-rope, on the see-saw, on rocking chairs for all family members and climbing-walls. A water park promises even more fun. New is a mini-golf course with 18 holes.
10 interesting points for children are on the programme of the holiday region “Hochpustertal”: “the adventures of Alfons Adler”, “climbing the castle”, “torch rambling to Burg Heinfels”, “Olympics for the family” & “gold panning”, “minidisco” and much more.
(From July to September)
Infobüro Hochpustertal
Tel. +,

Our Tip
Osttirol Card for family outings like the summer sledge-run and the “Wildpark Assling”, the “sheep-experience Villgrater Natur” and the Venetian saw, the outdoor swimming pools and, most of all, the lifts taking the whole family up to the most beautiful panoramic views of East Tyrol.
Available at every Tourist Office and hotel.
Adults EUR 43,00 – Children (1996-2004) EUR 17,50. Free for children born in or after 2004 or, for larger families, from the third child on.


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