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What does the family require today? 

The clear air of the mountains, the smell of hay on the pastures, the roar of wild waters.


Children do love adventure!
Gold panning in the Wonky Tonky River, discovering a hidden ice cavern or scrambling round the rocks up in the Hohe Tauern region equipped with a real climbing gear: these are the adventures that children will talk about to their parents for a long time!
The holiday region “Hochpustertal” in summer has focused on families’ wishes, including adventures such as the smugglers’ tour. Best way to sample it is the so called “family-nest-week” (from beginning of May till middle of September). 10 interesting points are on the programme, together with pedagogical trained personnel, who are expecting the children every week. In particular the “Spielfeste” are the highlight of the family-nest-holiday. Children can test their skills at gold panning in the mysterious Wonky Tonky River or disguise themselves as Scotland Yard’s detectives in the mountains. No wonder that the young guests don’t want to go back home anymore!

Mum, I was like Spiderman!
Climbing for children is at the moment very popular among kids, because in safe surroundings and under the supervision of an expert they can learn how to move and how to take when climbing. “After this climbing-experience, children feel more self-assured and more adult”, according to one of the alpine guides of Kals.

You Ranger, Me Explorer!
“To be a ranger of the National Park is a wonderful experience, which requires them to be responsible”, tells us the 27-years-old Marlene Fehlmann of Iselberg. In her 4-years-experience as a National Park ranger, she has taken on a lot of children, the so called “National Park Snoopers”, trying to get them to comprehend nature by playing. “Children are interested in everything they can touch, using their hands and that has to involve their senses, thus actively perceiving information” says Fehlmann. You just have to imagine lying on a pasture in spring with a stethoscope in your hand, trying to hear the sap flowing in  the grass. Children also do love to discover mayfly-larvae under the stones of a stream and inspect them with the help of a magnifying glass. National Park rangers know how to use these easy means to bring children to comprehend the miracle of nature, something they will appreciate and respect more when they get back home.
“To experience nature in its totality” is also possible on the permanent “Weg der Sinne”, the “Path of the Senses” in Virgen. The 2,5 km path, originally conceived for visually impaired persons, is lined with different “stations” that should contribute to activate all the senses. It is like eavesdropping when you have to listen with a very large funnel, which allows you to hear even the faintest noises of the surroundings, such as insects humming and birds singing ever so clearly. Also the olfactory post will surprise you with its many various essential oils and aromas, contained – and somehow “hidden” – in plants, herbs and woods around us. Last but not least, at the end of the path the “Forellenhof” is awaiting the visitor to stimulate his/her sense of taste with its smoky fish.

Lamas don’t spit!
Have you or your children ever gone rambling by leading a lama by hand? No?! Then you should take notice of this unique way of trekking in the Lienzer Dolomites and plan it for your next holiday in East Tyrol. “Lamas are very proud and sensitive animals that can teach human beings a lot”, tells us Karl-Peter Schneeberger, who leads these trekking tours. These animals, originally beasts of burden coming from South America, quickly establish a relationship with the human beings and show them their relaxing natural rhythm. People who follow the rhythm of the lamas can profit of it as a form of therapy; it is not unusual that parents do not recognize their children after a 3-hours walk with lamas. “They have adapted to the lama’s way, quiet and balanced. The children are proud of themselves, because they were able to shepherd this noble animal through nature” Mr. Schneeberg hears very often. By the way: lamas spit only at each other!


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