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Drau Bicycle Path 

To be in the sunny South of Austria and at the same time cycle alongside the bank of a wonderful river, the Drau. The overall length of the route is about 366 km.

Radfahren entland der Drau

The overall length of the Drau Cycle Path that starts in Toblach (Dobbiaco) and ends in Maribor is about 366 km. Divided into laps, the complete route foresees about 46 km on the 1st lap (from Toblach to Lienz), 75 km on the 2nd (from Lienz to Spittal), 38 km on the 3rd (from Spittal to Villach), 89 km on the 4th (from Villach to Völkermarkt) and about 117 km on the 5th and last lap (from Völkermarkt to Maribor).

Radfahren entland der Drau

Radfahren entland der Drau

Path Condition
The condition of the Drau Cycle Path has been improved in the last years. The missing links have been put right and new signs and fittings installed, such as Santa Lucia hanging bridge. For the most part the Drau Cycle Path runs alongside the river’s bank on solid soil, sometimes also on secondary roads with little traffic. You should be an advanced biker to ride the Slovenian part of the path. The path always goes along the south bank of the river and runs easily downhill and uphill and across minor roads.
Hosting bikers on the Drau Cycle Path
On the Drau Cycle Path there is a lot of food and rest possibility specially suited for the needs of bikers. The hosts must fulfil specific criteria, such as: menus for bikers, provide  them with information or offer them the possibility to spend the night without paying a supplement.


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